Our Story

At amps tea, we believe in the timeless charm of traditional tea drinking, and we are on a mission to share this rich cultural experience with the world. Join us as we embark on a journey to bridge the gap between the heritage of traditional tea and the contemporary palate, all while promoting a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle.

Honour the values brought about by only the most carefully selected ingredients & reflect it back to our customers.

Provide customers with enjoyment of the finest brews at convenience, affordability & assurance to be enjoyed with friends and family.

Our Mission

与茶 载道逛世

Paving the way with traditional tea

与你 分享所有

Share the moments

与我 提供氛围

Ambience and environment in hosting

Our Vision

与茶载道 以礼待友

Paving the way of traditional tea to the world with you & me

Our Values

客⼾为⼀,员⼯为⼆, 股东为三

Customers come first, and Staff of next importance, growing together with our Partners

Quality in curation, focusing on top-quality brew

Enjoyment in consumption and hospitality

Assurance in every brew for consistency and fair prices

Our Motto


World with Tea