Our Story

Amps Tea entered the milk tea industry in 2019, embarking on a journey rooted in the rich traditions of Chinese tea culture. As we delved deeper into the art of tea-making, our horizons expanded, influenced by the diverse cultural tapestry of Singapore.

Driven by our passion for exploration and discovery, Amps Tea was inspired to explore the world of tea beyond Chinese varieties. The allure of global tea cultures captivated us, igniting a desire to experience and share the diverse flavors and traditions from around the globe.

Our Tagline

与茶 载道逛世

Paving the way with traditional tea

与你 分享所有

Share the moments

与我 提供氛围

Ambience and environment in hosting

Our Vision

To Connect World with Amps Tea

Our Mission

To mark our footprint all around southeast Asia by 2030set worldwide operation by 2040

Our Values

authenticity, moxie, passion, solidarity

1. sincere to our customer, provide good service and food
2. sincere to our food material, F & B industry is making conscience
3. sincere to colleagues, tell truth, admin mistake and correct them, share success knowledge.
1. Be faithful
2. Be tough in mind
3. No easy give up
1. Passion with life
2. Passion with work
3. No passion no taste and warm product for customer to eat or drink
1. Inside argue for better result, outside unity as one
2. Help each other to improve

Our Motto


World with Tea